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About NGTel

Established in 2004 as a Distributer of Quintum Technologies Inc. NGTEL is a professional channel distribution organization. It’s core team is a solid group of professionals, who have an extensive experience in distribution of telecommunication equipment and solutions. For the past 11 years NGTel have been working successfully promoting high-tech products in the independent worldwide markets.


NGTel is committed to:

§  Distributing branded product and technology to our loyal customers in the independent CIS markets

§  Servicing the customers' and vendors' needs while exceeding their expectations

§  Differentiating ourselves by providing the best customer service to quality partner and customers

§  Creating an environment which motivates employees to achieve maximum sales potential

§  Valuing long-term relationships with suppliers and customers

§  Maintaining a vision towards the future by positioning ourselves to take the lead with industry changes while maintaining our commitment to setting the standard in the industry

NGTEL is Center of Competence and Expertise for partners and customers

§  System Integration services for partners’ network

§  Providing complete solution for the partners

§  Tier-2 support (Tier-1 through the partners)

§  Testing, implementation and support of equipment and solution

§  Sales and Technical Training center                             

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